I'm Krista.

hey, hi, hello, friends!

The randomness that is ME!

I struggle to want photos of myself because hah guess what, I feel awkward! Thus, my first priority is making you feel so dang comfortable + absolutely YOURSELF!





Ohmystars friends, I LOVE what I get to do. Meeting amazing people that turn into dear friends while basically letting my inner child play to her heart’s content - I’m telling you, this is the dream I never dared to dream. I know it’s cliche, but the humans I get to work with are honestly the best humans on this planet + I truly feel so lucky! Allowing me into your lives + allowing me to create + document memories with you is such an honor + one of the greatest gifts - thank you for being here!


this emoji: 😅



I'm convinced that there's nothing better than a quick little pick-me-up of ice cream or fries after a photoshoot. And yes, like most photographers I know, I LOVE coffee. 

My love language is almost definitely sending/sharing reels, memes, + music. Send me your current favs!

I can (+ do!) quote New Girl almost word for word. It is 1000% my comfort show + I often have it on in the background while editing/working. 

my 'immediately yes's:


behind the lens


say hello!

A Friend.

I am here to create a comfortable, fun space to create the photos you dream of. Simply, my clients tell me that they feel like I'm an instant friend- not just their photographer - + it's the best feeling in the world!



Eye Opening.

You are a person with a story - not a number to me. I am a customer focused business owner who cherishes each + every person who walks in front of my camera as well as the friendships I create through this passion.

My deepest desire is to allow you to see yourself as the stunning, smart, creative, + perfectly unique human being that you are, in every photograph I take of you.

let's create together.